How can we truly effective swimming to lose weight

Some say, swimming can reduce weight, but some say swimming will let the fat layer thickening, but add fertilizer. So swimming can lose weight? This article is for you to unlock the secret, take you out of several about swimming lose weight of the error, tell you how to swim to thin fast and effective!

First of all, we come to meet swimming. Swimming is a systemic motion, help to improve your heart and lung function, and can exercise you almost all the muscles. Especially insist on regular intensive training, several months of kung fu can make you "changed forever". In the water, the bones of the man got fully relax, can have a chance? "Stretch out a", this to keep forceful shape is very good. For is a long body of adolescents, often insists on swimming training can also help "long height".

Of the density of water and heat transfer performance than the air, so the consumption of energy and swimming than other sports. Experimental results show that the 12 degrees of water stay four minutes of heat consumption, which is equivalent to the same temperature of the land that the quantity of heat that uses up an hour. Visible at the same time, strength, the quantity of heat of water consumption than land. Movement of energy consumption by the body sugar and fat to continuously add, so often swimming will gradually lose body inside redundant adipose.

Swimming speed up the metabolism in the activities of the water speed resistance than on land big 12 times. Hands and feet in water sports, you can feel strong resistance, so back, chest, abdomen, hip, and leg muscles can in the swimming to obtain very good exercise. The swimmer body that bright line of muscles, is the best evidence.

The metabolism of people swimming speed, 30 minutes can consume more than 260 calories, and such metabolization speed you leave after water in to keep a period of time, visible swimming is the ideal method reducing weight.

Second, the swimming effect reducing weight is not the reason for beautiful

Swimming poor effect reducing weight is the reason since swimming with such a good role model body weight, why someone not thin finish to swimming? Senior fitness coach chu-kai think, of movement and reduce weight problems, must first understand the relationship between sports and energy consumption. In the process of exercise, the energy consumption in three phases complete, respectively is sugar metabolism, fat metabolism, protein metabolism, lose weight through to achieve the result in fat consumption.

1, exercise insufficiency

Some people lose weight after swimming the effect not beautiful, maybe because of the lack of exercise. Swimming in the beginning, in the anaerobic exercise stage. The energy consumption of mainly by sugar anaerobic glycolysis this phase of sports is very intense, shortness of breath, oxygen, no use to fat. Continue to motion to go down, the body begins to enter the aerobic exercise stage. In the next hour, moderate intensity of sports mode, the energy supply of oxygen metabolism by sugar provides energy. If you want to lose weight, every time swimming time should be in 40 minutes above, to begin to burn fat. After swimming diet wants abstemious

2, After swimming diet is not self-control

As for swimming will lead to thickening the fat layer, the only long-term training in the water of the professional swimmer, would adaptability increase subcutaneous fat thickness, used to stop the loss of heat. As a common swimmer, swimming doesn't grow adipose, after swimming, diet is not abstemious, will thin do not down. People in the movement, there is an "excess resume" phenomenon. Say simply, it is the human body in order to adapt to the next stage to raise the level of movement, after moving every time, want to eat more energy than before, this is a human body of self-protection. So, people often feel after swimming eat sweet sleep good, the quantity of heat that uses up and repair back, even

more than consumption. The fat man after swimming will often be easier than ever hungry,'s energy intake, and more. I do not pay attention to going on a diet, especially sports after a period of time and stop, the easiest to make the weight more than the original level.

3. Correct posture effect is good

Swimming correct posture effect reducing weight just good swimming coach wu points out, swimming technical movement is very important. If technical movement is not standard, not only exercise can not reach the purpose, the practice of muscle also can't get exercise, this is the people often said of the training "partial". For example, swimming, mainly by the power of the legs. Your legs to the result of the enhanced play a key role, but many people swimming emphasize only the upper limb movement, leg ministry is basic motionless. So, swim-up not only very sweaty, this can provide the power leg but became white elephants.

Due to four strokes on different parts of the exercise, the swimmer can choose your favorite stroke, concentrate on the body part of strength training, have a specific aim to lose body fat.

1, breaststroke-your legs

Freestyle, backstroke thigh way and to get water, only breaststroke is Deng clip, the former can make more slender legs, and the latter more use thigh quadriceps, so to strengthen the leg strength is very effective.

2, the butterfly-chest power

The butterfly, the arm to the water, similar in chest expansion do sports, to the pectoralis major, back expansion muscles, abdominal muscle force more, exercise the effect also is the best.

Different strokes can be targeted lose dewlap

3, freestyle-the arm strength

Freestyle, upper arm biceps, and triceps muscle force more, can effectively exercise muscles, and at the same time to improve muscle strength of the shoulder, also has a certain stimulative effect.

4, backstroke-back power

Backstroke, back muscle strength will be expanding more, can make the back muscles get to stretch. In addition, the need when the backstroke carries buttock slide, to hip is also a kind of exercise.

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