Speed Up Metabolism with these Foods to Reduce Weight


In our normal metabolism, when the body is able to complete the food into energy, and raise the body immunity; Conversely, the body will gradually decline, the ability to fill, tissue repair, cell regeneration ability degradation, adipose corner, making the cell in slow growth, so as to affect your health, make become obese unbearable.

For a balanced diet for life, one of the goals of metabolism important. The next small makeup for you introduce the acceleration metabolism skills, let you can about the different aspects of improving metabolic rate, let you in relaxed simple life habit, minus the body redundant and adipose.

Skill: drink aspects

1. Drink more water

The body of the burn calories when need enough water, or even slight dehydration, also can slow down the body's metabolism of operation. Research shows that adult day drink at least 2000 ml of about water, but no more than 3000 ml, water to drink too much can also affect the metabolism of the kidney function. How to judge your water to drink enough? If your urine is not light yellow but deeper color, it said water is enough. Drink more water can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and, through perspiration or micturition, also can put the system redundant toxins and waste eliminated from the body to speed up metabolism. Especially, if drink water from the fine is mineral water, drinking water at the way the body can supplement the minerals, so helpful to health will more.

2. Often drink green tea

Advice to drink green tea instead of black tea, because black tea for himself fermentation of the hot tea, so green tea better than black tea, green tea can reduce ba jin's disease, and green tea contains catechin can protect the articular cartilage, and pain relief, oxidation, but also has the function of improving metabolism. Three times a day-of green tea, the metabolism rate can be increased by 4%, and drink green tea not only can prevent heart disease and cancer, and weight loss is also helpful.

3. Drink black coffee

Research points out, no sugar, no two cups of black coffee milk the caffeine content, can be quick to make a weight of sixty-six kilograms of women in four hours burn more calories 59. Coffee can activate the brain limbs need command bridged, old age after more coordination skill.

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