How Water Help in Reducing Weight

How Water Help in Reducing Weight


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Water is a lot of people every day to do, so how to drink water to reduce weight? Only need to drink more can? The thin body men and women small make-up will teach you how to scientific water to have a thin body the goal that reduces weight, helps you lose weight fast achieve the purpose.

Normal human daily average water consumption for 2000-2500 - ml, the body material oxidation can be 300 ml water, it should be added daily 2200 ml water, including water content in the diet. Summer daily supplement moisture in 3000 ml, can satisfy human needs.

Warm prompt: some girls have to about 3000 ml of water didn't what concept right, 3000 ml of water how many? To follow calculate a calculate, by the disposable cup for the measure, at present the common disposable cup's capacity is about 250 ml, that is to say, you need to drink every day about 12 cups of water if your glass is 375 ml the capacity of the word, that drinking eight glasses of water a day is enough! Now, will forget it? In a word according to the specific capacity to calculate go.

Get up in the morning drink water

Why drink in the morning? In fact, the morning wake up a cup of water to efficacy big! Morning, body function has not fully recovered, so this time to drink a cup of water you can wake up body function, help the liver and kidney detoxification, still can add the moisture evaporation during sleep. The water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, can reduce blood viscosity, accelerate the gastrointestinal peristalsis, drinking water at half an hour later, you probably will need to go to the bathroom! Because it is good for your drink water from the metabolites of the night before, so that XiaoDu pork is difficult to appear again!

Water tips

Morning drink water had better choose plain boiled water, should avoid joining any sugar. When drinking doesn't try so hard, drink slowly, let just revive the body slowly absorption, if fierce drink words are very easy to cause headache, nausea, serious or even vomiting, girls have to remember!

The thin body is hungry when they drink water?

Drink some water before eating really be a bit satisfied feeling, but not said that can be lasting weight loss, if every day crazy drink water not to eat nutrition things, even lost a lot of things is not care thin, maybe metabolic sent more exaggerated body swollen times, if drink too much water, urine will even we need moisture all eduction, discharge water containing electrolytes, lasting down will feel weaker and weaker, and the skin will become dry Babar, beautiful people, never key oneself!

So choosing a thin body of water to drink the water at the right time to drink water, very important! Drinking water can increase is a satisfying feeling but hunger will not disappear, if a feel hungry will drink water, so painful starving thin body, such as a thin body after the success is also very easy to complex fat.

Zero heat function water-thin body method?

Water has the branch of hard and soft, many Hollywood stars using water-thin body method, a lot of on the market sell flaunt pure water is good to the body not than completely clean water rich in mineral water on the body all the better! The water contains minerals very much, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and water ion is small, can let the body immediately absorption, and these minerals not only just help defecation smooth just oh, still can help you blow fat, especially warm water! Magnesium can help carbohydrate metabolism, promote metabolism, maintain gastrointestinal peristalsis, solve constipation problems, calcium is to reduce fat absorption, the thin body super helpful.

A higher concentration of mineral water is also known as "solid water", solid water more difficult entrance, but magnesium content is very high, 1-liter solid water contains 150 mg of magnesium, and the hardness of water is drunk up moderate, every liter of magnesium content about 80-100 mg or so, if is our common drink the water is mostly soft water, it is easy to the entrance but magnesium content is lower about 70 the following it. Oxygen levels higher water can also help you accelerate in vivo lactic acid decomposition, eliminate fatigue, muscle pain Suggestions can drink when oxygen levels high water to help relieve pain, as long as a normal renal function can choose rich in mineral water, help the thin body is a great boon when!

But never take ice water and cold water to drink water-thin body, because the cold water not only can let the body metabolism variation, will also speed up an adipose corner in the waste is more not easy to discharge, remember! Refused to cold water.

Drink the water-thin body method has what is effectively reducing weight? 1, for the blood circulation, promote adipose combustion

Drink hot water can improve the function of the intestines and stomach, after drinking water can promote the blood circulation, so metabolic capacity increased by 10% - 12%, fat-burning velocity will increase fast!

2, the internal organs function to ascend, remove toxins

As the above page said, drink hot water can improve the body temperature, promote internal activities also promote digest. Make the toxin inside the body discharge, and enhance the vitality of the liver and kidney, from inside to outside body purification.

The specific ways: one day about 800 ml

1 in the morning, after a cup of hot water. About 10 minutes drink slowly. Early morning is the best time to oil scraper, but also the best time thin body.

2. Three eat every meal in a cup. Drink hot water to drink slowly. And it is important in three meals helps to eliminate waste material from the body.

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