Raw Food Weight Loss - How to Easily Lose 7 Pounds This Week

Raw Food Weight Loss - How to Easily Lose 7 Pounds This Week


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I would control my weight, getting right down to 100lbs or less. At either end of the spectrum, I feel a weight has more to try to do with our emotions and disconnection from ourselves et al. , than it's to try to do with food.

I do believe almost a person, with many love on their body, is able to do raw food weight loss. I even have found, from taking note of others, not only does the load reduce, new ideas and habits about food develop. Self connection is reestablished which could also be the most important pay off!

Once I made a positive decision, to vary my lifestyle by consciously consuming only fresh foods and fresh thinking. I noticed the planet around me shifted. because the years pass I still shift towards more and more personal growth, expansion, and a more complete reference to myself and therefore the world around me.

Raw Senses:

I experience heightened senses, smelling, and hearing more clearly. My tastes are more sensitive. I even have greater mental clarity. I still fall crazy and appreciate myself more. this enables me to offer more to others.

Raw Emotions:

My emotions are calmer and more stable. When negative emotions do come up, as they have a tendency to try to to in life from time to time, I'm better prepared to know them. I allow them to flow in, recognize them amorously, and understanding, then allow them to effuse of me. These emotions are gone (or a minimum of for the moment) with less pain and fewer emotional attachment!

Extra weight may be a great big hug you carry around to always be there for you. When you're able to release the necessity for the outer weight of hugging, you'll simply appreciate it for being there and ask it to travel away now.

Fresh living (especially organic) foods are alive and contain a better energy field/vibration. Consuming this energy from these plant-based foods, creates healthy bodies, physically, emotionally, and (it may sound crazy but...) spiritually.

Through cellular absorption, we are one with the plant's (foods) energy, vitamins, minerals, etc. regardless of the plant has within, is ours, whether it's good or... not the simplest. Remember the old saying, you're what you eat!

Even if we do not get to lose weight, we will all gain positive habits from the inspirations and journaling techniques found throughout the raw weight loss sections.

I once had a belief of, my wanting to control everyone and everything around me. Through these, raw food weight loss steps, I even have turned my life around. I now realize I can lead my very own life and encourage others, not control them.

Every day my life is filled with appreciation and love for myself and the people around me. Everyone has the chance and discretion for growth and expansion. it's up to us to make a decision, what path we'll take, what thoughts and emotions we'll have in each moment.

We are all-powerful amazing beings and that we can do anything, we will achieve raw food weight loss if that's what we want!

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