5 Good Time to lose weight

How to lose weight the fastest the most effective? Reduce weight also to see the time, otherwise geared to decrease, will only is waste of time and energy, and they want to reach the effect. Small make up for you a good time to introduce five thin body, let you lose weight the fastest are the most effective.

1. Prompt action

When you start to feel fat is the best time to lose weight. Maybe you do not know, even eat too much, and these things will not immediately become fat hoarding. When you start to feel fat, and in fact is the extra food began to let the body becomes dropsy. If left to themselves, will turn into fat hoarding, upper

body fat, it's hard to lose. But if in two weeks out of words, this extra food won't fat change, so now start to lose weight?

2. After exercise

Of course, not immediately after the dinner began to exercise, the best is half an hour after the meal to exercise so that it was not back to cause stomach burden problem. Scientists in Britain have found that after-meal exercise can improve the human body to produce suppress appetite hormones, which can help you to lose weight. Experiments show that these hormones make the positive person in the sports activities less feel hungry, and this feeling will continue to eat a meal FanShi. Even if the person that loves sport more appetite, they have and have fewer calories because they the quantity of heat that uses up more.

3. Early morning drink water

Get up early in the morning, eat breakfast in a rich before you drink a cup of warm boiled water, which helps promote bowel dirty peristalsis, make you produce meaning is, help to a large intestine the cleaning, the night before the trash inside the body, metabolites eduction body outside, reduce the opportunity to appear XiaoDu pork. Another plain boiled water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, which already can add cell moisture, and can reduce the blood viscosity, beneficial to urinate. It will not affect the appetite for breakfast. This recruit water Keep Fit method has many star areas, thin body is a successful index that is quite high.

4. Menstrual period

This is the weakness of the women a few days time, in addition to flagging spirit with menstrual cramps stuffy outside of abdominal pain, at this time the body temperature is low, sluggish metabolism, all the thin body movement, and intense special diet control if on a "this service", it will only reduce weight because of the pressure of making didn't feel comfortable, more don't talk about what thin body good grades. Therefore, in menstrual cramps this time, you have to do is relax, add rich iron and fiber food, more elegant to walk around on the road, do some of the simple warm-up exercises.

5. After dinner to move

After breakfast and lunch usually go to a lift commuter or began to work, more or less body will activities. The problem for dinner, after supper, many people would sit and watch TV or lie down and sleep, it is to make the big fear of reducing weight. In fact the most active move after dinner. If your family has a courtyard, after finishing in the garden is the right choice. If no yard, also can create a

garden balcony, while finishing and, reduction the reality of the fat. Clean the room, for a walk to also go, must be a little activity body, also can put clean after dinner as a habit.

If you have been no one went to the best diet, that it is necessary to convert ideas reducing weight. Actually, God had already given them to get twice the result with half the thin body time, simply can't get your attention. Now let us seize this moment gold to the implementation of the plan reducing weight!

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