Ear bananas and lose weight Fastly


Somebody once every night to eat a cup of yogurt and a banana when dinner. First, a look at health tips

Banana sex cold, the constitution tends to cold empty person, such as stomach cold, cold empty (over- emptying diarrhea, easy dizzy), nephritis, pregnancy feet swollen, had better not eaten raw bananas.

The banana contains a large amount of magnesium if fasting plenty to eat bananas, can make blood contains magnesium quantity lifts, cause human body blood calcium and magnesium in the

A stomach acid many people unfavorable eat, stomach, indigestion, diarrhea also should eat less the banana.

Banana in the 12 to 13 degrees Celsius can is fresh, should not be put in the refrigerator for storage.

1. The banana salad

This is the simplest thing. Put the bananas and cut into small pieces, and then, mix on salad sauce, and on the refrigerator inside cold storage for a while, and almost immediately a sweet sweet sweet banana food is enough. I think only banana too drab, then put some apples, pineapple, and fruit, depending on your side have all the materials and decide. Before each meal to eat a bowl of salad, can reduce the intake for dinner, also can promote weight loss, supplement.

2. The banana of oatmeal

This is an absolutely healthy staple food oh and easy to cook. To add enough water to cook oats, and then cut into small pieces of banana put in, put some Chinese wolfberry, then simmer cook for another five or six minutes in. If like to drink milk, still can add milk. Cook, better to eat!

From hunger pains, no matter the morning, at noon, at night, any time edible, more can become your snack or snacks, and do not set limits! But had better not to eat big supports, no matter what to eat, seven minutes full is art. Can also with a variety of condiments, make it more nutritious and delicious and multiple effects.

3. Ice yogurt bananas

The leading role or a banana and yogurt, but the difference is, this time will put it on the banana yogurt, wipe have thicker, and put in the fridge freezer space, three or four hours later, took them out a yogurt banana cream present eyes, give it take a name-ice ice yogurt bananas. If your mouth is false, want to eat snacks, eat a wire drawing banana, but remember after eating want to drink water more clearly intestines and stomach. When snacks eat it no more than two oh every day.

4. Banana dip in honey

Bananas are rich in fiber, can stimulate peristalsis of the intestines and stomach, help excrete. If what all don't eat, eat an only banana with honey, the quantity of heat is far lower than dinner, nature also thin come down. But, so rapid weight loss, the body often because not ready to adjust and produce a bad reaction. If a long-term by banana, the body lack protein, minerals, and other nutritional ingredients, slowly your body will be issued a dangerous alarm.

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