Four big foods that Reducing Weight


Food reducing weight? What are those? Food reducing weight exactly have an effect? These are that foods:

1: Skim Yogurt

Skin yogurt sweetness (often is a man-made) will make the stomach secrete gastric juice. In the special environment of the stomach, if not fat, drink only 100 grams of yogurt, then without enough food to digest, we feel is hungry, the desire for more food.

Better choice: you can choose low-fat Greek yogurt taste of dairy fat and protein content, by adding fruits, and a little cinnamon to increase mouthfeel. If you choose not to have fat yogurt products, it would be a tablespoon of sunflower seeds satisfying. Nuts and seeds of fat in the digestion is slower, so just a small portion of the quantity can let you have a more lasting full abdomen feeling.

2: Puffed Grain and Skimmed Milk

Puffed grain and skim milk by a combination of the generation of fewer calories meal, not enough to let you keep a long time of vigor. Many dieters puffed grain because they choose a large bowl looks very full. However, due to its dietary fiber content is low, after having breakfast soon you'll feel hungry. The grain is a puffed high blood sugar index that would make the blood sugar in the first energy down the supplement.

Better choice: oatmeal or oats debris. Oatmeal dietary fiber content, high is a satisfying breakfast choice. If you like sweet taste can add a spoonful of sugar or brown sugar maple. Cook pure oatmeal, add a little sweetener, edible sugar than in advance of the fast food in nutritional oats. In cook oatmeal with some low-fat milk, or stirring in a tablespoon of peanut butter, let oneself full-bladdered, can obtain more nutrients.

3: Low fat or no fat seasoning big a vegetable salad

The typical dieter's lunch is often a match with low fat of salad dressing, but this luncheon on the back of the darts appetite produces a reverse effect. Although rich in dietary fiber, on the vision a lot, but because of the protein and fat content low, this diet is not resistant to hungry. Away from the skim spices, they often contain a lot of sugar.

Better choice: in your salad add 80 to 160 grams plate lean protein, such as lean beef, chicken, or beans. In fact, your choice of food in fat is less, the more you eat is it?

4: Chewing Gum

A small item is a destroyer secretly chewing gum. Some advocates of chewing gum can claim that avoid eating snacks, these nutritionists Nolan doesn't agree with. She explained the taste of chewing gum can make gastric peristalsis. Chew will accelerate the digestive system operation, make the person produces appetite. If you want to let you have a full of self-service dinner of the quick ticket, that might as well to chew some chewing gum.

Better choice: we want to force the noise chew, so if you just want to let your mouth busy, give you an answer. Air popcorn or unprocessed fresh vegetables is a more safe choice.

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