Long Term Weight Loss is the only Real Way to Weight Loss success


You can use your metabolism to create long term weight loss without using drugs.

There's a way to dramatically change your body's own calorie-burning furnace. There are no drugs or surgery required. Just two things to help you create the new you.

There are two major ways you can turn your body into one that eats up calories faster than you thought possible. FOOD and EXERCISE!

That's the truth.

Nothing but a basic diet, some exercise, and maybe some basic supplements to cover any nutritional deficiencies.

As easy as that sounds, or maybe not, you need to know that long-term weight loss is possible by using both food and exercise. You can create an environment within your body that turbocharges fat burning.

Adult and child obesity are at all-time highs and there's NO end in sight. It's only going to get better when we as a population take matters into our own hands and seek to apply the truth. You see... it's a lifestyle thing. No fad diet is going to work! Some changes to the way you live your life will propel you forward to whatever fitness goals you have for yourself.

Sorry for that rant.

Misleading to consumers.

If you take hold of your daily eating habits, then you can control your weight. The basic requirements in order to stimulate a faster metabolism for weight loss are:

1) Eat 5-7 small meals per day (basically every 2-3 hours)

2) Each meal should contain a lean source of protein. i.e. lean meat, egg whites, non-fat cottage cheese, etc.

3) Keep processed foods to an absolute minimum

4) Drink 8-16oz. water with each meal and between meals as much as possible.

These are some good starters for increasing your metabolism for long term weight loss.

Now let's take a look at exercise for long-term weight loss.

Exercise needs to be a daily appointment with yourself. No, if, and or buts about it!

Schedule at least 15 minutes of exercise every day. It could be walking, jumping rope, doing squats with your own bodyweight...whatever. Just get to it.

Simply make a commitment to get it in. There's no excuse that you can't get in 15 minutes of exercise each day. Long term weight loss will happen if and only if you take steps to create momentum. Don't expect overnight results. In 3, 6, or 12 months' time, you'll be able to really see your results and you'll be ecstatic with the transformation you've made.

If you want to learn the real in's and out's about fat loss, you can read more about Tom Venuto's book Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. Giving you a sure-fire program for fat loss and staying on track.

Let me know how the program worked for you after you've had time to experience the results his program can deliver.

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