Reduce weight with folk prescription

Almost every girl knows some diet the small folk prescription, but they really have scientific? You have tried? The thin body is successful? With these questions, we have to introduce a few great lose weight small folk prescriptions, and they all have certain scientific, can help you in a short time thin body to succeed.

1. Bubble bath

Every evening bubble bath can also help us thin body, this is because bubble bath when the body's blood circulation will or acceleration, inside the body of excess moisture and toxin with sweat education body outside, and fat in the process has been burning. Bubble bath also relaxes very helpfully, on the

another hand, can prevent metabolism slows. In the bubble bath when helping yourself massage the whole body, also can create a more beautiful line oh.

2. Sleep

We in the bed body could not absorb any quantity of heat, even if the metabolism would be slow but the body's heat but is still burning. So a lot of people will pass to sleep auxiliary reduce weight, and good sleep on our health and mental state is a big help. On the other hand, if often stay up late words the body's metabolic efficiency not only can be reduced, and easy to deposit toxin, obesity happens.

3. Before a tomato

Tomatoes are very nutritious vegetables reduce weight, it not only contains rich juice, but also contains a lot of cellulose, vitamin, and lycopene, and minerals, to the health of the human body, is very helpful. Before eating a tomato or a drink tomato juice can enhance our full abdomen feeling, avoid eating a redundant quantity of heat, and one of the cellulose and acid composition can also inhibit the generation of fat, avoid obesity.

4. White water rinse the oil

We usually call of taking out contain a lot of oil, so work if you are forced to eat the thing can prepare for a bowl of hot water, and then compares oil dishes in the water rinse once again to eat, it virtually reduces the very much heat. Because of the edible oil fat content is very high, so even if the quantity of heat of ingredients itself is not high words, is probably because eat a lot of oil and cause obesity, use hot water to rinse is a very good method of reducing weight.

5. Brush my teeth

Brush my teeth in addition to help us clear oral within the complex flavor, a relaxed sense can effectively inhibit our appetite. Especially at night early brushing your teeth, it can also prevent myself to go to eat other food, to give yourself a very good weight loss warning. In addition, we also can be in when brushing one's teeth do some leg lifts or lift heel of small movement, to help their compact the next half- length curve.

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