Top 5 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips

Whether you have one hundred pounds to lose or just that annoying last ten, it’s all too easy to give up. Dieting is frustrating and unreliable, and you’re always surrounded by temptations. The real key to lasting weight loss is enjoying the journey and letting the destination take care of itself. It’s all about a sustained lifestyle change. Otherwise, you’ll experience constant weight fluctuations and a regular feeling of deprivation. You’re completely up to the challenge, but everyone can use some pointers. Here are five of the top tips for lasting weight loss.

First off, get yourself moving. Regular exercise is going to be the key to the whole thing, and there’s no shame in starting small. If your couch potato lifestyle has led to obesity, you’re not going to jump right into a marathon. Start off by increasing the amount of time you spend walking. Just thirty minutes a day of walking will make a profound difference in how you look and feel. To begin with a walking routine, and add on to it as you start feeling better. If you overexert yourself too soon and get hurt, you’ll be much more likely to slip back into old patterns.

Next, transform your environment to match your goals. The bottom line is, you want to minimize the amount of time you spend struggling with a willpower decision. Do you really want the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet to haunt you all day, with those goodies you can no longer have? Empty your house of any foods and drinks that don’t match up with your weight loss goals Pick one cheat day and go get that sweet treat, but make sure it’s something that will be gone by the end of the day. You’ll set up an environment that increases your chances of success.

You should also focus on expanding your intake of water. Water is actually a powerful tool for weight loss, but many people can easily forget about it. If you don’t drink enough water, your liver has to work harder and your metabolism slows down. It’s all about making sure you’re optimally hydrated. Carry a large bottle of water with you wherever you go, and you’re much more likely to remember to drink it. And the best part is, water can cut down hunger. So drink more and miss food less!

If you’re committed to lasting weight loss, creating a pattern will be hugely important. The structure will help you maintain your routine despite all obstacles. Just boil it down to the basic requirements. You want to have a solid, manageable nutrition program, paired with light to moderate exercise. If you live by this pattern, it will be easier to mix things up when you hit those inevitable plateaus.

Finally, regardless of how it’s going at first always stay the course. You’re going to bump up against challenges that threaten to slow your momentum. You’ll fall off the wagon with food or exercise, your schedule will become difficult, you might get hurt or go on vacation without access to your high protein

diet foods. All of these and a whole host of other blocks can come up. But as long as you dust yourself off and jump back into your routine, you’ll emerge on the other side with lasting weight loss.

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