Cannot not know the four classical method reducing weight

The MM people lose weight, want to reduce weight successfully, some simple method of reducing weight is you have to know. Four classic simple methods reducing weight, you cannot know!

Here are the Methods:

1. Vinegar beans law reducing weight

Will be full of beans clean after dry, fry until golden brown on the cover. Stir-fry until after the air is cool the beans in big empty bottles, accounts for about a third of the volume, and then feed vinegar to fill, the sealed tightly, and put in the freezer or in the shade after a week to eat. Eat every day 5 ~ 10 grain of vinegar beans, can rise to fall fat, reduce weight function.

Experts analytic: soybean contains a lot of protein, vitamins, and various minerals; The citric acid and vinegar can prevent adipose synthesis, promote adipose decompose, prevent obesity. Vinegar beans can effectively reduce the attached to the blood vessel walls fat and cholesterol levels in the blood, achieve the effect that reduces the weight of, and fewer side effects.

2. Potatoes when staple food

The potato as staple food rather than as food to eat also can have the effect that reduces weight. For example with boiled potatoes instead of rice. Every day a meal only eat potatoes, go down for a long time to prevent excessively or minus the redundant and adipose to have the effect very much. Eat potatoes don't eat Fried potatoes or Fried potatoes, potatoes itself is high starch, and oil together would lead to more fat accumulation, just the opposite.

Experts analytic:

1. The potatoes are rich in fiber, dietary fiber can help the body better digest absorb food, still can make the person has full abdomen move, decrease absorb excessive food. According to the U.S. food and drug administration data, one 150 grams of potatoes with skin contains 5 g dietary fiber.

2. Potatoes fat little, the quantity of heat low. And eat the same amount of rice, compared to eat potatoes can reduce fat intake, help excess fat metabolism.

3. Potatoes for dinner sufficient reason for doing the most is that it can provide the human needs of the other vitamins and minerals.

3. Bandage

This method through the bandage on the bondage of the local body, to achieve the goal of reducing weight. First is in part to lose the massage or other methods to make by damp skin, and then start to wound a bandage. Bandages winding to soak before had better be to be in the saltwater immersion, salt is more likely to decomposing subcutaneous fat. The bandage on the bag after feeling uncomfortable, the action is not convenient, can take the opportunity to rest for a while, to read a novel or soothing

music, after 20 minutes for drying temperature will bandage. Salt bandage law reducing weight can do two times a week, insist on more than one month to receive the result in reducing weight.

Experts analytic: bandage bag making the right to, but also to vary from person to person. Excessive fat person or local blood vessels, nerve not very rich place, can coil close up. Such as the waist fat, wrap strength should strengthen when can make the lumbar curve close to tying the more beautiful. Bandage be quick, don't to the body cools haven't wrap. But also can't pack quite close, affecting the normal blood circulation. This method, the best below the guidance of professional personage.

4. blow gas in the ballon

Each day to blow in the balloon, hold to a month's weight can significantly down. The 1 hour before meal for the effect is good.

Experts analytic: use breathe in and blow air, make stomach satiety, thus inhibiting brain hunger central, reduce appetite, reduce food intake, in order to achieve the goal that reduces weight. Exhale, chest, abdomen, the diaphragmatic muscle of the place such as muscle will participate in the movement, the increase of heat consumption so as to reduce adipose accumulation.

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